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TrueLevel Leveling Device x 5

TrueLevel Leveling Device x 5

$ 439.99


TrueLevel is Android only until Q1-2020

This device will allow you to monitor the pitch and roll of your favorite pinball machines ensuring it plays perfectly. Once installed, you can connect to your devices over Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE). With the TrueLevel app, owners can get detailed information on orientation while players can see if it is simply level or not.

*Instant feedback without having to take off the glass

*Owner adjustment screen for allowed variances

*Audible adjustment instructions("Front-right higher" e.g)



5x TrueLevel Device

5x 10ft. USB and Power Brick

10x Command Strips

1x Installation Instructions

5x TrueLevel Sticker to show your machine has it installed



Powered via direct USB to main board or to service outlet with included power brick.

Max draw: ~200mA

Device dimensions: 57mm x 42mm x 1mm

Click here for Installation Video

Click here for the Android App!

Click here for TrueLevel F.A.Q.

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